Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common and frequently asked questions that we see most often. Before filling out a contact request, be sure to check here to see if there is a solution to a problem you have rather than having to wait to get in contact with us! 


Q: My item never arrived, can i get a new one? 

A: More than likely, yes! Though depending on the item, shipping costs may apply again

Q: How long do i need to wait before i request a new item or a replacement for one that never arrived? 

A: We typically suggest waiting 4-5 weeks for your item to arrive at the absolute longest. If you item has not arrived after a month of the ship out date, then please reach out and we can try to help everyone figure out where it went and how to go about getting a new one if neccesary! Since the USPS is as backed up as they are, anything prior to a month may still arrive, it may just be taking longer

Q: I need my item ASAP, how can i make sure it gets shipped out quickly?!

A: While we typically ship out most products within one to two weeks of order date, we understand that sometimes thigns need to get sent out sooner! If that's the case, shoot us a message on social media and we can work together to ensure that not only it is possible, but to double check if any additional tracking or shipping costs are needed! 

Q: I placed my order yesterday and it hasnt shipped out yet, when will it be shipped out?

A: We try to get all of our orders shipped out within one to two weeks of order date depending on how busy and chaotic our lives are. Please keep in mind, we are just two people running this business and we both still have seperate jobs and lives outside of this business. If you absolutely cannot wait the one to two weeks for an item to ship out, please reach out to us and we can sort something out, otherwise, please be patient. 

Q: Do you do art trades?

A:Uh, not usually. Typically our art trades are with our mutual art friends at conventions and art shows, sorry yall! 

Q: Do you do any sort of freebies or sponsor social media influencers?

A: If we do freebies its usually for one of two things 1) its a product we are all but tired of looking at and want it gone or 2) its an additional small gift we include with orders every now and again. We dont typically work with influencers and we certaintly dont give out free merch for clout.

Q: Can I order from your shop if im based out of Canada?

A: If you do not live in and are not planning on recieving your items from within the united states, you cannot order from our shopify. To order from us internationally, please order from our etsy as etsy takes care of all the weird VAT taxes and fees and such that are now a thing.

Q: Do you attend conventions? and if so, which ones?!

A: We do! Right now all of the shows that we will be boothing and selling at are based in Florida as that is where we live, however as time goes on, our travel range may expand and grow. For now however, if you would like to buy from us in person or even just see if we will be at a show near you, be sure to check out our "Upcoming Events" page for details and dates!

Q:Is there a way i can avoid shipping costs?

A: Sort of yeah! If you are really trying to avoid shipping costs than there is two ways to go about that: 1) attend a convention we are going to be at and shoot us a message to request a pickup at the con. From there we can ensure youre not charged for shipping! 2) wait for a "Free Shipping" promo code or event to occur. option 2 is not nearly as common, however they do happen occassionally so keep your eyes peeled! 

Q: Can i have a custom piece produced by one of yall?

A: Typically, yes! For Digital art, all of Nymph's commission info and availability can be found through their Ko-Fi and for Nicole, shoot us a message on social media or through the contact form and from there she can work with you to sort out your commission!

Q: Do you offer any sort of bundling deals if i buy multiple items?

A: From time to time yes! We usually offer bundles of specific items already in its own listing however if there was a bundle you were looking for like all of our gurren lagann things or like, a certain arrangement of frogs, then just send us a message through the contact form! At conventions, we do tend to do a bit more bundling! 

Q: Do you have any pets? 

A: Yes we do! We have one corgi names Remington and Two cats named Storm and Lilith. Lilith is our long haired gremlin black cat and Storm is our white screaming cat! We do our best to keep them from laying on or interacting with any orders or product but alas, cats have a tendany of getting themselves and their hair onto and into everything.

Q: Your shop proudly promotes that it is Queer owned, if at all possible, can we know yalls genders and or sexualities?

A: Sure! (Nymph) Hiya, Im a Trans Woman, She/Her Pronouns, i tend to just say im queer sexuality wise as things change a lot especially with the relatively recent devlopment of me realizing i am trans. Overall i tend to be more Sapphic however but i am happily married to Nicole! 

(Nicole) Hi, Im Nicole, Im a Lesbian through and through and dont really care for Gender, however my pronouns are She/They!